LED Lighting: Why Choose it over Conventional Options?

LED Lighting

LED lighting is not an unpopular alternative anymore. Most of us know about LED lighting and it’s high sustainability. But when it comes down to adopting LEDs, a doubt always creeps in. Many a time, we rule it out considering its higher price in comparison with normal incandescent bulbs. But we often fail to look into the huge long-term profit it delivers.

This shows the LED Lighting Arrangement at a Modern Home

LED Lighting Arrangement at a Modern Home

Here are a few reasons why you should choose LED lighting over conventional options:

 1. LED Lighting has a Longer Lifetime

Since LED bulbs do not have a filament which may break or burn, they can survive up to 100,000 hours on an average. This is equivalent to eleven years throughout which they deliver full brightness. Even after 100,000 hours, they will continue to produce light with about 70% brightness (This brightness is sufficient for residential use). Undoubtedly, LED lighting system is a better choice over incandescent lamps which requires replacement every 2000 hours. The lifespan of LEDs is also twice as that of fluorescent lamps, thus making it a clear winner.

2. LED Lighting is Economical as well as Energy Efficient

LEDs are highly efficient in terms of power consumption. Switching to LED will definitely reduce the number of figures on your electricity bill. LED bulbs work at about 80% efficiency. LED bulbs consume only one-tenth the power in comparison with incandescent lamps and half the power in comparison with CFLs. Considering a cost of Rs 6 per unit of electricity, a LED Bulb will operationally cost only 36 paisa for 10 hours of use while an incandescent bulb will cost Rs 3.60 and a CFL will cost 84 paisa. Thus, LEDs are operationally cheaper even though its initial price leans towards an expensive edge. So, when you switch to LED, think of it as an investment. Do not switch with the expectation that you will save a huge amount of money immediately. The benefit always comes in a long-term.

3. LEDs are Colourful

LEDs are available in a wide array of colours ranging from purple and red to a spectrum of whites and yellows. They provide better and brighter coloured light, unlike filtered bulbs. The varieties of LEDs available thus help to create a contemporary look at lower production costs. For homes, one may prefer lighting similar to that produced by incandescent lamps. Warm white and natural white LEDs will produce a warm familiar yellowish hue similar to incandescent lamps. Whereas, bright white LEDs produce whiter light which is closer to daylight. This kind of lighting is preferred in retail stores, showrooms etc. The light colour is expressed technically as colour temperature (in Kelvins). A lower value of colour temperature corresponds to warmer (yellower) light.

4. LEDs are Incredibly Safe

LEDs only release 20% energy as heat. Hence, they operate at a lower temperature. The probability of a house fire is almost non-existent once you adopt LED lighting. Also, LED bulbs will not give you any burnt fingers during replacement due to their low energy emission. Another advantage of LEDs is their ability to light up to their full brightness in microseconds. This makes them a safer choice when considering emergencies. Incandescent lamps often break when in contact with water. This may potentially harm the residents. Nowadays, most LEDs are water-proof. Thus, LEDs are the most feasible option for lighting in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. LEDs do not break easily. Their solid-state construction makes them extremely durable. Thus, when we take all factors into consideration, LEDs are definitely safer than conventional options.

Waterproof LED Lighting in Kitchen

Waterproof LED Lighting in Kitchen

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5. LEDs are Eco-friendly

Besides being economical and safer, LEDs are also environment-friendly. LED bulbs do not contain mercury, unlike compact fluorescent bulbs. Exposure to mercury has an extremely harmful impact on humans. In the case of CFLs, the exposure commonly occurs when the bulb breaks. Since they are free from mercury, LEDs reduce your carbon footprint to a considerable extent. Beyond the personal profit, LEDs also promise a brighter future for our world. Therefore, choosing LEDs over conventional options is also a responsible option as a citizen.

6. LEDs are Extremely Versatile

LEDs open up a world of possibilities with respect to lighting. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Therefore, they can satisfy requirements of any area. Their efficiency, as well as flexibility in terms of size and power consumption, allow their application to new and innovative areas. LEDs also have the ability to emit light in a specific direction. This eliminates the requirement of reflectors for directional light and hence reduces the cost of such applications. LEDs may be used for lighting at homes, offices, showrooms, warehouses, streets, fountains etc. Availability of a large number of options makes LED lighting arrangement the favorite choice of interior designers as well.

LEDs have already started to dominate the market. LED lighting is clearly a better alternative in comparison with other options. When switching to LEDs, make sure that you choose the right colour and type such that it suits the room size. To earn the profit that you look forward to, it is recommended that you take expert advice. This will ensure that LEDs are used in the most economical manner and also guarantee quality.

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