Painting Your Home? : 5 Smart Tips to Get it Done Right

Your home’s first impression is often created by the paint on its walls. Painting your home delivers a new life to it. If not done properly, it may bring about a dull feel. Thus, making the whole ambience lethargic. Also, paint is your home’s first defence to external elements like water, dust, fungus etc. Getting your home painted the right way is therefore very important to completely realize your “Dream Home”.

Painting your home may be quite a demanding exercise. It often involves multiple decisions. There are always a number of concerns in our head when it comes to painting. Is it wise to spend much on it? Which colour is ideal for my home? How do I ensure that the process adopted is right? Which type of paint is the best?

Not putting in much thought when painting your home will definitely backfire. It would be an absolute loss of time and money. Here are a few tips that will save you from the trouble.

5 Smart Tips for Painting Your Home

5 Smart Tips for Painting Your Home

When and why should you be painting your home?

You should have an exact idea of the reason behind painting your home. This will help you to make proper decisions in regard to all aspects. Be it the right colour, brand or expenditure. In case of a new home, painting takes a long time and is costly. This is because it involves extensive base preparation. However, repainting an existing home is less costly as the base preparation is easier.

If you are repainting your home to give it an interesting new look, ensure that you choose a contractor who will provide colour consultancy. This will give you a better idea of how your home will look post-transformation. If you are repainting for a special occasion like a wedding, on-time completion is crucial. Hence, it is advisable to contact a reliable professional service provider. You may be painting your home to overcome the havoc caused by water seepage. In this case, fix the waterproofing issue first and then take to repainting.

The time of the year you choose to paint is also important. Always choose a dry time of the year to paint. This will help to carry out the painting in an effective manner.

What are the right colours for painting your home?

You can completely change a home’s personality with some colour. Combinations of different shades can create anything from a soothing to a vibrant feel. Make sure that you are not painting your entire home with the same colour. Monotony leads to boredom and leaves the whole place lethargic. Painting with colours that reflect light such as lemon yellow, light blue and other light colours creates an illusion of a spacious home. You can also visually expand or contract a room by painting one wall (focus wall), a lighter shade or a darker shade respectively. Using a darker shade on the ceiling allows you to lower a high ceiling. Whereas, using a lighter shade on the ceiling expands the room.

If you prefer a subtle and soothing look, use shades of the same colour to create a subtle colour theme that tends to be soothing. Such an approach is best for bedrooms and bathrooms. If you prefer an elegant look, go for neutral colours which will offer flexibility. Neutral colours allow you to quickly change the feel of the room by using different coloured accessories. If you are a vibrant person who loves a lot of colour, choose two colours that will create a visual contrast. Vibrant colours and their shades, like orange and gold, will help to create this look.


Choose the Right Colours for Painting your Home

Choose the Right Colours for Painting your Home

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Which type of paint should you be choosing?

Paint comes in two types: latex(water-based) and oil(oil-based). Each type of paint comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to select the type that suits your requirements the best.

Latex paint is more popular for household uses. This is because of its long durability and fast drying capability. Latex paint doesn’t yellow over time and breathes better resulting in less blistering. Also, you can easily clean up the walls by using soap and water. The only problem with latex is that swells the grain of wood. Oil-based paint is best for applications that involve priming real wood moulding. Oil-based paint is smoother. It covers the surface thoroughly in one coat. Also, it shrinks less and is better for high-traffic areas. However, it takes a long time to dry and is more likely to crack and fade.

So, if you are just painting your home with simple effects, latex paint is the best option. If there is wood in the picture, opt for oil-based paint.

Which sheen should you be selecting?

Sheen refers to the glossiness of the paint finish. Sheen is important as it influences the finishing of your home to a large extent. Glossy is the type that has the highest shine. It is the easiest one to clean up. However, this type of finish makes the blemishes and imperfections on your wall prominent. It may also have an unpleasant shine and is not preferred in the main areas of a home. Semi-gloss finish is not too shiny but retains the quality of wash-ability. It is also cheaper than gloss finish. This type is ideal for kitchens and baths. Satin sheen on the other-hand has a satiny smooth finish and is again a good choice for kitchen, baths and hallways. This sheen also cleans easily.

For walls with a lot of imperfections, flat or matte finish is a better choice. However, this type cannot be cleaned easily and gets dirty quite fast. The most popular sheen today is eggshell. This type of finish hides the imperfections like matte but can be cleaned easily. It also has high durability and is smoother. This finish is ideal as it has the best properties of both flat and glossy.

Select the Right Sheen

Select the Right Sheen


Quality or Price?

Always give quality a higher priority while painting your home. Opting for cheaper options may leave you in remorse in the future. The paint may fade out and blister faster demanding a repaint in no time. Another important factor to consider is whom you choose to get the work done. Local painters may not deliver quality in terms of the procedure and always consume more time. Lack of perfection and material theft are also common concerns. On the other hand, hiring a trusted service-provider such as Finish Factory will always prove to be profitable over a long-term. With Finish Factory, you can forget all your worries about the quality and on-time completion.

Bring New Colours to Your Home with Finish Factory

Bring New Colours to your Home with Finish Factory

The decisions related to painting your home can be quite confusing. Make sure that you consider all aspects before reaching a final say. Do not let this small aspect alter the beauty of your ‘Dream Home’.

Happy Painting!!

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