Landscaping for Homes in Kerala : Tips to Remember

The first impression is always the best impression!

The first impression of your home, to a large extent, depends on its external appearance. With new technologies and ideas emerging every day, the choices are many. Landscaping for homes in Kerala is still an emerging concept. Landscaping has more to do than just enhancing the external appearance. It adds greenery and peace to your little paradise. Landscaping also adds a beautiful outdoor element. It actually completes your “dream home”.

Landscaping for Homes in Kerala

Landscaping for Homes in Kerala

Landscaping for homes in Kerala is often associated with the word “posh”. Hence, people dismiss off the idea of landscaping for homes in Kerala. This concept is absolutely wrong. There are myriads of options available today. It is definitely possible to complete landscaping for homes in Kerala in an economic manner.

Why adopt Landscaping for Homes in Kerala?

Beyond adding aesthetic value, landscaping will also improve your sense of being at home. It will help you to live a life where you can connect and stay close to nature. The greenery and the enriched environment filled with fresh air will definitely bring optimism into your life.

Landscaping for homes in Kerala also has an added advantage. It helps to channel the rainwater in a proper manner. Thus, the formation of puddles, which can serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes is avoided. We are at an age where we are constantly living in the fear of dengue and malaria. Hence, landscaping is definitely a wise option.  Also, well-implemented landscaping will provide effective cooling. Landscaping for homes in Kerala adds the possibility of a beautiful outdoor living space. It acts as that relaxing corner after a tiring day. Be it a family get together or barbecue party, your garden will serve as an ideal spot.

 Landscaping for Homes in Kerala: Tips to Remember


Which Type of Grass to Select?

Selecting the Right Type of Grass is Important

Selecting the Right Type of Grass is Important

Selecting the right type of grass is extremely important. Always select a type of grass that requires low maintenance. High maintenance options mean larger investment. Both in terms of time and money. Also, always choose a type which grows slowly but thickens easily. It should also not encourage weeds and pests. Grasses are available in a variety of colours. Choose the one that suits your home the best. Also, consider the amount of sunlight that the area will receive. The soil type and watering requirements are other important aspects which should be considered.

The types of grass that suit landscaping for homes in Kerala are:

  • Bermuda: This type of grass has phenomenal heat tolerance. It can easily withstand heavy use. This type has a high growth rate which makes maintenance necessary. It is a warm-season grass.
  • Buffalo: This is a popular low maintenance grass type. It can withstand extreme weather conditions. It is also water efficient.
  • Mexican: It is also a low maintenance grass type. This type is pest free and hence, easy to grow. Natural rainfall is sufficient for it.

Why is it important to add flowers to your landscape?

Flowering plants are the element that adds aesthetic value to your garden. A landscape would be bare without colour. This colour is brought about by flowers. Flowers are available in myriads of colours, sizes and patterns.You could choose different combinations of flowering plants as per your taste. The colour combinations would definitely enhance the visual appeal of your garden. Flowers not only add beauty but also lifts your mood and brings about optimism. It is the element which confers a feel to the place.

Flowers Add Aesthetic Value to Your Landscape

Flowers Add Aesthetic Value to Your Landscape

Popular flowering plants which suit landscaping for homes in Kerala         –

Bougainvillaea, Arali, Table rose, Kolias, Heliconia, Ixora, Hibiscus, Spider Lilly, Plumeria, Manthi Villa, Morning glory, Bridal Bocka, Garlic, Star Light, Petunia, Ribbon grass

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Which Type of Stones/Pebbles are Ideal?

When planning your landscape, do not forget to add stones/pebbles to it. Different types of stones are available which cater to different requirements. It can be used in walkways or planting bed borders. It can be also used as a decorative element. Thus, stones are quite versatile.

While selecting stones, you should consider its size, shape, colour and weight.  These factors decide the area where they can be used.

Stones Used as Planting Bed Border

Stones Used as Planting Bed Border

The two main categories of stones used in landscaping for homes in Kerala are as follows:


Aggregates are a good option if you love smaller rocks like gravel. This group of stones include sand, boulders, rounded aggregates and crushed granite. They will add texture to your garden. Also, they are good to solve drainage issues. These stones are generally not very costly. In addition, they are easy to install. Pea Gravel, beach pebbles, crushed granite, river rocks and boulders are stones which fall under this category.


Flagstone is a popular type of landscaping stone. It can serve both decorative as well as functional requirements. These type of stones are cut flat. Thus, they are available in a number of diameters as per requirement. It commonly finds use in walkways. It can also serve as stepping stones. These stones are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours. Flagstones include a variety of rocks including sandstone and limestone.

Stone Pathway

Stone Pathway

Enhancing Elements for Your Landscape

You could enhance the beauty of your landscape by adding small additional elements. Including small fountains or sculptures is a good idea. Watering the landscape could prove to be cumbersome. It would be wise to provide inlets for watering. Using an automated system will make this task easier. You could also add a small pond with fish. You could also add a cozy corner where you will be able to relax. For this, installing stone or mild steel benches is a good idea. Go for mild steel if you are a fan of French style. Adding beautiful lighting elements will create a wonderful ambience at night. Also, adding coloured ceramic pots with foliage plants is a good decor idea. Creating a beautiful pathway will complete your garden. The pathway could be created using Bangalore tiles or shabad stone.

Sprinklers Used for Watering

Sprinklers Used for Watering

For a home, outdoors are equally as important as indoors. Thus, landscaping is definitely an aspect that should not be dismissed off. The options in landscaping are widespread.  It is up to you to choose a landscaping plan that will increase your sense of being at home.

A picture perfect garden is no longer a far-fetched dream!

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