12 Home Cooling Tips that will Help to Survive the Summer

Isn’t the heat too tiring already?

The summer season has begun and we cannot be less happy. It demands a lot of our energy and leaves us dull at the end of the day. Most of the days, we come home to nothing more than a heated up oven. Our homes are no longer that comfy little paradise. Most of us are always in the quest for new home cooling tips to keep our homes cool. Because keeping our air conditioners switched on for quite a long time is definitely not an economical option. Of course, there are several other methods to ace through this summer happily.

Here are a few home cooling tips that will help you keep your cool this summer.

12 Home Cooling Tips

Install light coloured blinds

This is among the simplest of home cooling tips. Though it appears like a small scale change, this little tip can do wonders. A considerable amount of unwanted heat in our homes comes from the windows. Using light coloured shades and curtains can save up to seven percent on your bills. It can also lower the indoor temperature by about 20 degrees. This tip helps to reduce the heat retained in the house that may be due to the minuscule greenhouse effect.

Using Light Coloured Blinds will Reduce Heat

Using Light Coloured Blinds will Reduce Heat

Set up exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms

Kitchens contribute a lot of heat into the household. All that steam and heat off from the stove may add to the temperature of your home. Setting up an exhaust fan is one of the home cooling tips you could easily adopt. Exhaust fans pull off the hot air and let it out of your house or apartment. Also, setting up exhaust fans in the bathrooms can reduce the heat that may arise due to steamy showers.

Ditch the incandescent lights

We are always reluctant to switch to LEDs considering the initial cost. But what we fail to realize is that incandescent bulbs result in quite a loss. These bulbs waste up to 90 percent of their energy as heat. They make it much more difficult to withstand the already scorching heat. Getting rid of incandescent bulbs not only reduces the heat but also lowers your electricity bill. LEDs, on the other hand, do not contribute heat.

LED Lighting is one of the Effective Home Cooling Tips

LED Lighting is one of the Effective Home Cooling Tips

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White lime wash on the terrace

A white lime wash on the terrace is definitely another good idea. While being less demanding, it acts as a reflecting surface and reduces heat to a considerable extent. However, the coating would wash away in the rains. Thus, a reapplication is required every summer.

Grow plants around the house

What’s better than a bit of greenery right?
Plants are basically greenhouse coolers. Plants not only reduce the heat, they also add aesthetic value to your home’s exterior. They keep the sunlight from the windows and provide a cool shade. But do remember to plant them by the west-facing walls, where the heat due to the sun is usually the strongest.

Growing Plants Around the House is one of the Economical Home Cooling Tips

Growing Plants Around the House is one of the Economical Home Cooling Tips

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Cultivating plants on the terrace is also among the effective home cooling tips. It will cool the whole building naturally. The mud which is used to grow these plants will act as an insulator and absorb the direct heat from the sun. In addition, this is also an economic heat reduction tip.

Keep the heat off with the right colours

It is always better to use lighter shades on the walls and the furnishings. This will reflect the heat off rather than the darker colours which will absorb it.  Though this tip considers only a relatively small aspect, it will contribute fairly to home cooling.

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Plants at the window ledges

We cannot keep our windows closed throughout the day. While leaving them open may be necessary for ventilation, it may bring in a lot of heat. Placing a few small plants on the window ledge is one among the very economic home cooling tips that solves this issue. It not only keeps the heat off but will also add a soothing feel to the room.

Plants at the Window Ledges

Plants at the Window Ledges

Use Double Glazed Glass Windows to Beat the Heat

Double glazed glass windows are the ones which consist of two glass window panes separated by a gas or vacuum filled space. This will reduce the heat transfer across the windows of your home.
The double glazed glass windows will create a cooling effect in the whole room and increases the comfort level to a considerable extent.

Proper Tiling of the Roof

Often, the roof is the major source of heat gain in a house. This is because the sun beats down heavily on the roof. Proper tiling of the roof is among the most effective home cooling tips. It improves the comfort level to a large extent by reducing the heat. Both concrete tiles and clay tiles provide high thermal insulation and reduce the conduction of heat by the roof. Another home cooling tip involves coating or glazing the roof to provide a higher level of reflectance. Beyond tiling, proper ventilation is also necessary to keep the heat off from your home.

Clay Tile Roofing will Cool your Home

Clay Tile Roofing will Cool your Home


Adopt “Cool” Roofs

One of the very effective home cooling tips that will rescue your home from the heat are cool roofs. A cool roof is designed to absorb less heat than a standard roof. These roofs reflect more sunlight than normal roofs. Hence, the whole building is in a cooler state.
You could also employ special reflective coatings and paints that are available in the market on the walls and ceilings. These coatings will enhance the comfort level of your home by effectively reducing the indoor temperature. They will also help in reducing the electricity bill since a cooler home means decreased air conditioning needs.

False ceilings come to rescue

False ceilings not only add character to your home but also reduces the temperature by a few degrees. Here, the cooling of the room occurs due to the air gap between the two layers of the ceilings. Air being a bad conductor of heat will not allow heat to flow into the room. Thus the room will be cooler.
A higher ceiling not only makes your home appear spacious but also keeps your home cool and comfortable. In addition, false ceilings reduce the space in the ceiling and thus, improves the air conditioning performance. This is one of the home cooling tips that adds to cooling through a number of different aspects.

False Ceilings will Rescue your Home from the Heat

False Ceilings will Rescue your Home from the Heat

Use a Low Truss

A low height truss above the roof slab is another one of the home cooling tips that you could adopt. Here, the air between the slab and the truss will absorb the radiant heat. This will prevent your home from heating up. This is one of the popular home cooling techniques in Kerala.

If these techniques do not suffice, you could install air conditioners. The above-mentioned home cooling methods will also enhance the effective cooling of air conditioners and hence reduce the electricity consumed. With the summers getting quite harsh, it is almost impossible to cope up without adopting various home cooling techniques. It is up to you to select the one that suits your home the best both economically as well as in terms of heat reduction.

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