CCTV Security Systems : One of the Best Methods to Ensure Safety

Do you constantly find yourself up in the middle of the night? You just can’t seem to get your head around the unusual noises in the neighbourhood. An increase in the number of crimes reported every day definitely isn’t helping either. Be it your home or business space, safety is always a big concern. There are many security options in the market today. CCTV security is undoubtedly the most popular and cost-effective one among the options.

Even though CCTV security is a popular option, there is often a lot of confusion. Its suitability to secure homes, its efficiency in poor lighting, it’s installation etc are a few factors that raise concern. Here are a few details about CCTV security that will help you to decide better.

CCTV Security Systems

CCTV Security Systems

What are CCTV security systems?

A CCTV security system involves a network of cameras set up at different key points for surveillance and security. The videos recorded is usually accessed only by a limited audience i.e. the owner or the authorized personnel. You could use CCTV cameras to establish the safety of both homes and offices or shops. You may place the CCTV cameras in the middle of the room or at the corners. The location of placement influences the angle at which the images are picked.  Criminals do not prefer to risk their identity. The sheer presence of these cameras itself acts as a deterrent to criminals. Hence, the rate of theft and crime decreases considerably and you can enjoy a stress-free time.

CCTV system is a flexible and cost-effective security option

CCTV system is a flexible and cost-effective security option

You can employ multiple CCTV systems simultaneously at different locations to ensure 360 degrees surveillance of the area. Remember to place these systems in a careful manner such that it does not cause any interference to your neighbours. Wide varieties of CCTV systems are available today, with designs that cater to different security concerns. Performance options of modern CCTV security systems include email alerts, motion-detector sensors, access to archive records, mobile app support capability, infrared capability, remote monitoring, live transmission, wireless-enabled systems etc. You should also integrate adequate protection to ensure that your system remains safe from damage by criminals.

What factors must be kept under consideration when installing CCTV security systems?

You need to take into account a few things to ensure that you are purchasing the most appropriate CCTV system.

If you want the cameras to be discrete or not is definitely one aspect that needs some thinking. If the CCTV cameras are discrete, then people will not be aware of the 24/7 surveillance and are more likely to commit crimes. On the other hand, if you place the cameras out in the open, potential criminals are less likely to commit a crime as they do not prefer to risk their identity. Another factor that requires consideration is the points of placement. This will depend on the areas you prefer to monitor. If you prefer a 360-degree surveillance, you will need multiple cameras. When installing CCTV security, ensure that you do not leave behind blind spots. Blind spots would make the whole system pointless. If you only prefer to monitor the door or a small area, a single camera would suffice.

Multiple CCTV cameras can monitor over a wider angle

Multiple CCTV cameras can monitor over a wider angle

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The type of camera that you should select will depend on the conditions under which you plan to place the camera. You will have to use a waterproof camera if you are placing the camera outdoors. Another factor is the lighting. If there is no proper lighting in the area, it is recommended that you use infrared CCTV cameras. This is especially important if the system is for surveillance at night. CCTV security systems are typically long-lasting. You could adopt storage options like Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) to keep the recorded data stored.

Why opt CCTV Security?

Of course, you could opt other security options like burglar alarms or sensor systems. However, unlike the other security options which only alerts the owner, CCTV systems deter the crime from happening in the first place.  You can advertise the fact that your boundaries are being monitored 24*7 by placing CCTV cameras at prominent positions. The possibility of an evidence against them prevents the criminals from indulging in any crime. CCTV systems are quite flexible as well. They can be placed in an effective manner to suit your home or office. Also, there are many options which can fit budgets of all levels.

Placing a CCTV camera at a prominent position will act as a crime deterrent

Placing a CCTV camera at a prominent position will act as a crime deterrent

With new advancements, you can watch over your home or office while you are anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection to enjoy this remote viewing technology. Thus you can let go of your anxiety in regard to leaving your home or business unattended.

Usually, one installs this system to protect the business from any potential criminal activity. But it also has an added advantage. The awareness that they are under constant monitoring motivates the employees to perform better. This will improve their level of work and encourage good behaviour. Thus in a long run, it improves your business as well.

Benefits of CCTV systems

  • It gives a real-time idea of who is on your property irrespective of where you are located at the time being
  • It avoids theft of important mails like credit card data by allowing continuous monitoring
  • CCTV systems coupled with sensors can notify you with a text message or email in situations that require immediate attention
  • It helps to maintain a log of all the visitors to your property
  • CCTV systems gather evidence against theft and give an idea of how the mishap occurred
With CCTV security, you can watch over your home or office while you are anywhere in the world

With CCTV security, you can watch over your home or office while you are anywhere in the world

  • It makes your neighbourhood a safer place to live. By equipping all properties in a neighbourhood with cameras, it easier to enforce the law and solve crimes.
  • Most crimes occur at night. With CCTV systems that work well at night, you can stay safe and enjoy a stress-free sleep.
  • It helps to keep an eye on the children and the elderly members of your home while you are away
  • In case of shops, it prevents employee theft
  • At offices, it encourages good behaviour and motivates employees to work efficiently
  • In factories, CCTV systems are helpful in monitoring areas with the potential risk of fire
  • CCTV systems also increase the customer’s confidence. Customers feel safer in banks and shops that are equipped with CCTV systems.


At an age where crimes seem to be increasing every day, safety is definitely an aspect that should not be ignored. CCTV systems are a cost-effective method to secure any space. The ideal type of CCTV system for you will depend on your budget and requirements.

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