Home Painting In Kerala: 8 Things You Must Know!

It’s that time of the year again. You’re suddenly wondering why the rooms look so dull and the home exterior doesn’t look as appealing as it once did. You arrive at the inevitable conclusion that your home has taken the combined toll of pollution and weather, and lost the shine and hue it once donned. That’s a sad realisation because home painting in Kerala has been traditionally associated with a number of hassles, delays and irritating phone calls, not to forget the costs that seem to go out of hand, no matter what. Or if you’re occupying a newly constructed home, painting seems to be the most time-consuming task of them all! But fret not! Home painting in Kerala is no longer a headache, thanks to super cool painting services right here.

Home Painting in Kerala: 8 Things You Must Know!

Home Painting in Kerala: 8 Things You Must Know!

If your home needs a coat or two, we have some pointers for you.

1. The Right Time for Home Painting in Kerala

Speaking from the weather pov, it’s always best to paint your home exterior when it’s warm and dry. Ideally, that would be late spring or summer. However, painting on a sunny/windy day must be avoided at all costs because it leaves opportunity for the paint to dry before its time. This will damage the painted surface, causing blisters, pits and peeling.

Always Consider the Right Time for Home Painting in Kerala

Always Consider the Right Time for Home Painting in Kerala

When it comes to interiors, late fall or winter (Keeping in mind that we don’t have a clearly distinguishable winter season in Kerala, the months from late October through December can be safely assumed to be within this season) is the perfect time for home painting in Kerala. Surprised? Don’t be. Home painting in the fall/winter has its fair share of perks.

One, it’s an off-season; which means, chances are that you get a better bid than in summer when painting contractors are overbooked and busy.
Two, the winter air is just right for curing the paint. This means shorter drying times and faster means for completing the job.

Is it okay to paint on rainy days?
Home painting in Kerala and rains. We’ve all been there. And we wouldn’t want to go back anytime soon. Rain ups the drying time and ends up leaving scratches on the surface once it has dried. It’s best to wait for the ideal season than battle it out with the monsoon.

2. Choosing the Right Paint for Home Painting in Kerala

Distemper, Emulsion, Enamel. Know these names from countless paint advertisements you’ve flipped through but can’t decide which one to use?

Choosing the Right Kind of Paint for Home Painting in Kerala

Choosing the Right Kind of Paint for Home Painting in Kerala

Distemper is a cheap paint that you can use directly on the walls without a primer. However, the quality doesn’t quite match the two other options: peeling is common in the humid season. Such paint usually gets dull in the sun, which makes it a bad choice for the exterior.

Emulsion paints, on the other hand, are not affected by the sun or rain and are suited for the interior and exterior. Enamel paints come with the glossy finish that is commonly applied to windows and metal meshes.

As we have already seen, the weather is a huge deciding factor when it comes to home painting in Kerala. Weatherproof paints have become extremely popular in the current market as they remain completely unaffected by rain, sun or humidity for a considerably long time. If you think applying a coat of the same emulsion paint used in the interior on exterior surfaces works just fine, think again. The short-term benefit is the money you save on the paint. However, the long-term costs due to reduced lifespan will only outweigh the benefits. It is important that you understand what is what before jumping to hasty decisions about paint quality.

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3. Paint Fumes and the Never – Ending Health Concerns

Paint Fumes and the Never - Ending Health Concerns

Paint Fumes and the Never – Ending Health Concerns

Most of us worry about breathing in paint fumes and fuss about respiratory health until the completion of work. And we’re justified there. Components such as lead and VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds) are responsible for the harmful effects of paint. The most dangerous time to inhale paint fumes is while the paint dries. Breathing solvent paint fumes for too long can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea. However, nowadays, paints without lead and low VOC content are readily available. Wood primers and polish are another class notorious for dangerous fumes.

Home painting in Kerala is typically held in association with people shifting to temporary homes until the end of the painting contract to stay safe. If you’re staying home anyway, make sure the doors and windows are left open while painting. It is important to have proper ventilation for at least three days to ensure that all harmful fumes leave the interiors completely. Market demand has of late seen shifts towards safer and healthier paints, and odourless and scented paints are becoming hugely popular.

4. Your Wall Paint Colour might be just Responsible for your Mood

Your Wall Paint Colour might be just Responsible for your Mood

Your Wall Paint Colour might be just Responsible for your Mood

Colour psychology is a study of colours as a determinant of human behaviour. Colours evoke different emotions in us. If you want to feel relaxed and at peace everywhere at home, you should choose your colours appropriately.

  • Red, symbolising energy and vigour, is suitable for the master bedroom.
  • Lavender would be a good choice for the kids’ room.
  • Blue, which soothes the mind and induces sleep is a good choice for the rooms of the elderly in the family.
  • Yellow, inspiring optimism and happiness, is a good choice for the study, where most of the reading/learning happens, and orange for the dining room.
  • Neutrals (Black, White, Grey and Brown) are added and subtracted from the colour equation to maximise or minimise a certain reaction and are basic to every home and home designer.

You can direct these colours at a highlight wall or the focal point of the room, and not necessarily all the walls of the room.

5. Paint is a Huge Element in Interior Design

Wall paint can be such an important player in interior design. Light colours make the room look well lit and bigger. A trend common in home painting in Kerala is painting the wall that directly receives sunlight in a light colour with glossy finish. This makes the light bounce off the walls to the rest of the room, making it appear brighter and lit. When choosing colours for small rooms, monochromatic painting is highly preferred. Avoid painting borders for doors and windows. They make the room look even smaller.

Paint is a Huge Element in Interior Design

Paint is a Huge Element in Interior Design

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Texture painting and stencils are the two in things in home painting now. These techniques are quite easy and do not require expert hands. When you’re choosing colours for the interiors, make sure that they go well with your furniture. Often, the soft furnishing (curtains, cushions, etc) can be tweaked to match the wall paint.

6. How to get those Stains and Blotches Removed

Getting those Stains and Blotches Removed

Getting those Stains and Blotches Removed

Another question people often raise is whether the painted wall can be washed clean and stains easily removed. Add a child into the equation, and the problem becomes deadly serious. Easy removal of stains and blotches is a desirable feature of paints for home painting. If your walls already have stains and you’re looking for a solution, washing the spot (most emulsion paints are washable) with shampoo and a clean towel can do the trick. Choose a stain resistant paint that lets you wipe the wall surface clean, or better yet, do not let stain pigments catch on the surface.

7. Cut Down on Your Costs while Home Painting in Kerala

Get the basics right. Good construction practices will eventually lead to lower costs associated with painting. For instance, before painting, you need to ensure that the walls have been smoothened out well by plastering. Paint has little to no filling properties, so you must take care to level out imperfections and undulations that may call for additional layers of putty to even them out later on.

Cut Down on Your Costs while Home Painting

Cut Down on Your Costs while Home Painting

Surface coverage of paint gives you how much surface area of the wall will be covered by one litre of the paint. Oftentimes, this math goes wrong owing to the low-quality primers used in home painting in Kerala. Ensuring good quality of the primer is important in that it will drastically improve finishing with just one coat of paint (and save your money). A low-quality primer might have you repeating coat after coat of paint with little perfection.

Spray painting is another technique that gets the job done really fast. A few years ago, when we started using rollers instead of paintbrushes, there was a significant saving, especially in the amount of paint lost dripping from the brushes.

8. Regulate your Home Temperature by Painting it Right

If you are dealing with home painting in Kerala, rains are one thing (we already talked about this). Well, the temperature is another. Temperatures can soar quite high in the summers and we don’t want our homes to turn into grilling machines, do we? Take our advice. Paint the terrace right.

Regulate your Home Temperature by Painting it Right

Regulate your Home Temperature by Painting it Right

Painting the terrace white works quite well. Yeah, yeah, we know the science: white surfaces reflect the heat and make the home cooler. However, using normal paint for the job is not advisable. They don’t last long exposed to weather conditions on the terrace. Hence, terrace paints. They come with powdered glass as a constituent (glass = better reflection property), reflecting the heat out. Unaffected by rain or sun, terrace paints are here to stay.

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All that said, here’s wishing you a great painting season. If you want to leave these pointers to the experts to take care of, that’s just fine. With the right service engaged for the job, it’s perfectly okay for you can sit back and relax. If you’re wondering about the best service for home painting in Kerala, hiring a trusted service provider like Finish Factory would be, by no doubt, the best and most profitable option.

Happy Painting!!
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